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About Us

Welcome to Midlife Mountaineer!

We’re Jackie and Ray and we’re so glad you’re here.


We are passionate midlifers in our 50s. Together, we are on a mission to inspire other midlifers to redefine what’s over the hill.


When we were younger, we both imagined midlife as a time to slow down, settle in the recliner, and watch the youngsters have all the fun (because we’d be too tired).

But for Ray’s fiftieth milestone birthday, we took a trip to Japan that inspired us both to get back to the mountains we had once loved.

When we got back to our home on the Canadian Prairies, we decided to take up extreme mountain sports for the FIRST TIME.

You're Never Too Old to Try

So, at age 47 and 51, we started ice climbing, rock climbing and mountaineering.


These sports literally changed our lives. They challenged our belief of what’s possible at our age.

We became immersed in an inspirational community.

We got stronger and fitter.

We started to have adventures that neither of us could have imagined in our younger days. Like climbing frozen waterfalls. And rock faces. And mountains.

We even started making adventure films!

Midlife is a time to redefine the rest of your life. Often, this means getting uncomfortable. Pushing through hard stuff to get to the other side.

Kind of like climbing a mountain.

What's your next chapter?


Are you looking for a change and aren’t sure of the next step? 

Do you struggle with limiting beliefs? Do you want more adventure in your life?


Do you feel like there’s something else you're meant to do?


We sure did. 

Hey, this isn’t your parents’ or grandparents’ midlife.


It’s all yours.

Let's do it right.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and see what life can really be like when you’re over the hill.

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