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SOP GUN - NEW Film Trailer

Like many other young boys of his generation, Bill Karras fell hopelessly in love with airplanes.

But Bill didn't fall for just any toy airplane.

A single seat biplane fighter aircraft, the British Sopwith Camel, was introduced in 1917 and became one of the best-known World War I fighter aircraft.

Difficult and dangerous to fly, the Camel was deadly in the hands of a novice (many students were killed as they learned to fly her). But in the hands of a skilled pilot, the Camel could outmaneuver its contemporaries – and accounted for more victories than any other aircraft in World War I - Sopwith Camel: The Aviation History Online Museum

We’re thrilled to announce our next project, as we follow Bill’s inspiring story from boyhood to accomplished Search & Rescue pilot who, after 50 years, fulfills his childhood dream to fly his own Sopwith Camel.

Check out the film trailer and let us know what you think in the comments!

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