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First short film - Route Setting Day

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

After having completed a few online filmmaking courses and watching hosts of awesome YouTube videos, I still don't think I can really call myself a filmmaker until I've actually put out a film. Before COVID struck, we had already started production on a film called Prairie Passion, which tells the story of ice climbing in the prairies - more to come in another post. Due to COVID, we have had to pause production.

But, as one of the many climbing lessons go: don't stop, just find another route. So, we are taking this time to develop and hone our filmmaking skills with smaller practice projects that allow us to stay within public health orders.

We recently completed a short film called Route Setting Day that showcases a couple of our dedicated route setters & future Midlife Mountaineers (Erica and Trisha) as we get ready to kick off the summer climbing season. This film allowed me to practice my gimbal moves, while Bruce worked on his drone shots. We hope you enjoy it!

I will be following this film up with a behind-the-scenes look at a couple of the gimbal techniques used in the film - stay tuned!

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