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Chillaxing - A Practice Project

Hey Midlife Mountaineers!

Well, it's winter on the Canadian Prairies, and with that comes more time indoors. We're still being cautious about large group settings, so time indoors ends up being mostly time at home.

We're in a holding pattern for our two films, Prairie Passion and SOP GUN, so we've been using this time to work on some practice filmmaking projects.

This weekend, Jackie and I put together a concept video whose sole purpose is to learn & have fun. We practiced framing the shot, shoot-to-edit, focus, lighting, color correction & grading, editing, and sound.

There's something game-changing in forcing yourself to "do it like it's for real". I don't mean individual techniques, but rather the whole thing end-to-end, from planning to shooting to editing to delivery.

Dubbed "Chillaxing", this 49-second short took four hours to shoot, and about three times that to edit. Still lots to discover, but it was fun and we learned a few new things.

Let us know what you think!

P.S. Probably don't want to follow the recipe as depicted - pure Hollywood and Jackie doubts its tastiness.

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Louie Odorico
Louie Odorico

Luv it! I wanna buy what your selling.

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